Afficher la version complète : [Vends] Qtek/HTC S200

20/02/2009, 09h11
Marque : Qtek/HTC

Modèle : S200

Couleur : Black

Etat : Moyen

Premier(e) propriétaire ? Oui

Accessoires : SD Card (1Gb), charger, ...

Boite : Oui

Date d'achat : 10-07-2006

Facture : Oui

Prix : 80

Négociable : Oui

Région : Brussels, Charleroi or Rumst

Magasin : Leuven (FNAC)

Possibilité de déplacement ? Oui

Envoi postal possible ? Oui

Commentaires additionnels

I'm selling the Qtek S200 with Windows Mobile 6.1 (not Windows Mobile 5).
Moreover, optionally some SPB software is included.

The Qtek is still fully functional and in a rather good state (2,5 years old). I still have the original facture!

The price can be discussed ...

If needed, you can also buy a Base Prepaid Sim carte with a balance of 5 euro and 10 euro balance for Internet (200Mb). The Internet credit of 200Mb is valid until 10/03/2009.
The total value of the SIM carte is 15 euro, but I can sell it for 10 euro as it is of no use to me anymore! I can give the telephone number on request.
(the SIM carte can also be bought separately)

You can collect the Qtek and/or SIM carte in Brussels (Schaarbeek), Charleroi or Rumst (next to Mechelen).


23/02/2009, 00h07
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