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08/05/2004, 08h51
Je me suis dis que ca pourrait interresser pas mal de personnes car ce GSM tourne sous ... Linux
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[The Motorola E680 Linux GSM/GPRS handset comes with a full list of features including vga camera with 8x zoom, large 240x320 display, Java J2ME, SD expansion slot, mpeg4 video capture and playback, Bluetooth, usb, stereo speakers for mp3 playback, ...]

The Motorola E680 handset, bundles unbelievable features into one palmsize package. The model E680 perfectly synchs your entertainment life; merging music, pictures, video, gaming, talk and text with simplicity and style.

· Point. Click. Share

Get serious with the Motorola E680's large brilliant color screen and picture/video capture and playback. Its VGA camera and 340 x 320 color screen supports MPEG4 video allowing you to snap some shots of the DJ spinning and send them to a friend across town, or store them on your personal removable memory chip. View your pictures in landscape or portrait format; manipulate the image with digital effects and then download it onto your PC via USB or Bluetooth® wireless technology. Your night will last forever.

· Music

The Motorola E680 gets serious about music: 3D stereo speakers, RealPlayer™ software, MP3 download/playback, and embedded MIDI music ring tones round out your entertainment fun. Experience the sounds of now on the available stereo headset or FM radio headset accessory. Plus, there’s bass by the ton. The music goes wherever you do.

· Tell Me, Text Me, Talk Me

Use the Motorola E680 to tell your story in a multitude formats – text, talk, photos, ringtones and so much more. MMS messaging combines text, sounds and pictures to create a postcard from a day in your life.

· Press Play

Gaming gets serious on the model E680 with 3D graphics, portable and downloadable J2ME™ games and 8-way navi and gaming keys. Simultaneous key press and multi-channel audio supports for MIDI background music and MP3 sound effects bring new digital worlds to life.

· Work It

The Motorola E680 also functions as a remote office offering seamless connectivity with community and content. It's got the lot – truly open and expandable Java™ Technology on the Linux OS platform, Bluetooth® wireless technology USB and up to 1Gb of user-expandable memory, Wap and RealPlayer™ mean you can message, email, organize and synchronize wherever you are.

Key Features

· Multimedia galore with MPEG4 video capture and playback

· Brilliant sound with a real-time 3D sound engine and 3D stereo speakers

· Customized music via an integrated MP3 player

· Large internal memory to store complete CDs of music

· Manage additional memory with removable SD memory cards

· Picture perfect moments with a 240 x 320 color screen, 3D graphics

· Get your game on with downloadable 3D J2ME™ games* and 8-way navigation and gaming action keys

· Integrated VGA camera with 8X zoom

The Motorola E680 is expected to be available in the second half of 2004. For more information regarding pricing and product availability in your region, please check with your local Motorola representative.

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