Afficher la version complète : Vend Dell Axim X30 624mhz Wifi Bluetooth 320€

03/02/2005, 19h45
Le Pocketpc est neuf sous sceler (Rom anglaise acheter au US)


The Dell 624 MHz Axim X30 packs connectivity, productivity and entertainment in a sleek, sophisticated design. Powered by a next generation Intel XScale processor with WMMX technology, a 64 MB SDRAM and a 64 MB Intel StrataFlash ROM ,

the device offers great performance. This handheld is equipped with the Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system and is pre-installed with familiar applications like Word and Excel that help maximize your productivity on the road.

The Axim X30 is designed with expandability in mind and includes an integrated Secure Digital / SDIO Now! / MMC card slot for flexible expansion. The integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth wireless technologies offer flexible connectivity options.


-GPS BLUETOOTH ANTENNA FOR NAVIGATION and Windscreen Mount Cradle Holder + 140€
- Secure Digital 256Mb +30€ or 512Mb 45€ :excl:

03/02/2005, 20h51
vas sue dell ces le meme prix mais en francais